Reopening Plans – June 2021 Update

The re-opening task force met to review the changes to both California and San Francisco’s Covid Guidelines and have made some adjustments to our plans to re-open.

Because children cannot yet be vaccinated, we will continue to care for them by wearing masks in worship and at other events in the church building where children are. We will leave the distancing tape in the sanctuary for at least the next few weeks, as we adapt to being back together in more crowded spaces, but that will go away as our comfort increases and attendance increases.

Groups of fully vaccinated adults meeting for bible studies or meetings do not need to wear masks. We ask that unvaccinated people continue to wear masks and refrain from singing  (and get vaccinated as soon as possible).

The choir and worship leaders will not wear masks when they are on the chancel or in the choir loft leading worship. Everyone participating in worship leadership is providing proof of full vaccination status.

Ushers will hold the offering plates (but not pass them down the aisles), so we ask that you pass offerings to the aisles or use the offering boxes at the back of the sanctuary if you don’t use online giving options.

We will meet for worship on June 27 in person at 10 am. The choir will sing. Vaccinated worshipers can sing hymns. We no longer need to pre-register or check in for worship services. All in person worship services will continue to be livestreamed on both Facebook and YouTube.

July 4, because of the holiday,  worship will be online only, premiering at 10 am on Facebook and YouTube.

Beginning July 11 ALL worship services will be in person.

We still picture childcare starting again in September, but will have more information about that later this summer. 

More to Explore

Talking with Kids About the Order of Worship in the Bulletin.

If I visited Calvary for the first time and had not been to a Presbyterian church before, I would want someone to help me understand what I was doing throughout the order of worship. This blog provides an example of how some churches annotate their bulletins so children, youth, and adults can learn more about why we choose to read, sing, pray, and listen at certain times during the worship service. Harvey Browne Memorial Presbyterian Church ( in Louisville, Kentucky offers a model of how to explain the order of worship. Being transparent about how we worship together is in line with our reformed tradition. We can read and interpret the Bible ourselves, as well as worship and say prayers with our own bodies. Many years ago, a priest would do all of this while the congregation sat or stood. It is important for parents to share with their children that all people have the freedom to contribute to a worship service. By singing, listening, praying, and sharing, we get to know each other and witness each other’s talents and inspiring work. Fellowship and education events are only part of the ways that we form our faith together. Participating in worship is what binds us together each Sunday, so that we can support each other at or outside of church during the week.

Support Trans Kids

Calvary Presbyterian Church continues to support transgender youth and adults. March 2023 is Transgender Awareness Month. We show our continuing support through messages such as, “Trans Lives Matter,” “Believe Trans Kids,” “Support Trans Kids,” and “Protect Trans Kids.” This blog will offer some insight into Presbyterian and San Francisco organizations that actively support and advocate for LGBTQI+ people. I hope that you will take time to read through these resources. There is hope. So many inspired people of all ages are working together for freedom, safety, and love. Now that I am raising two teens I have come to more clearly understand the context and reality that LGBTQI+ youth live in every day. It is crucial to support the growth and development of transgender children and youth who sense that their “gender identity does not correspond with, or sit comfortably with, the sex they were registered at birth.” That is the definition of transgender offered by Twinkl, an education website for children ages preschool to 8th grade. See more definitions at the end of this blog. Transgender children, youth, young adults, adults, and senior adults do not want to be "othered" as they are children of God. We want to believe, support, and protect them, so that they can live safely and freely without fear and shame. When adults do not see or support children or youth as they are, the risks of gender dysphoria and youth suicide increase. God created all of us in Their image. May we have the courage to send out Jesus’ message of love and acceptance to ourselves and all people.

2022 Annual Report