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Living Sanctuary Team

Recent Immigration and Sanctuary News

As Many Americans Get COVID-19 Vaccines and Financial Support, Undocumented Immigrants Keep Falling Through the Cracks “The Migration Policy Institute, a nonprofit think tank in Washington, D.C., reported in January that 9.3 million unauthorized immigrants whose income meets the threshold for COVID-19 aid are blocked from accessing it, and also can’t apply for federal programs that provide cash and food assistance.”

The reason many Guatemalans are coming to the border? A profound hunger crisis.

“Guatemala now has the sixth-highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world. The number of acute cases in children, according to one new Guatemalan government study, doubled between 2019 and 2020.”

“In a new report, the World Food Program predicts 428,000 Guatemalans will have reached a “Phase 4” level of food-insecurity emergency this year — the highest before famine.”

CREW sues ICE for records on immigrants tortured into accepting deportation “ICE’s sibling agency, the US Customs and Border Patrol, has recently received flack for reportedly attempting “to sabotage the Biden administration,” by intentionally slowing down the processing of detained migrant children into the US.”

The House Passes Two Immigration Bills. But Will Broader Immigration Reform Be Possible? “For immigration advocates, who have waited years for the government to move forward with substantive immigration policy, Democrats’ control of both houses offers a rare—and perhaps fleeting—chance, though they will still need buy-in from Republicans in the Senate to bypass a 60-vote threshold.”

Border Crisis? VP Harris leads on immigration; Asian American divide “As details about the employees emerged, so too did another narrative: the story of the wealth divide among people of Asian descent in America — a community often viewed by outsiders as monolithic and whose economic disparities have long been misunderstood,” writes a team from The New York Times in a beautifully woven investigative feature of immigrant striving and devastating, divergent outcomes in Atlanta.

Amid Awakening, Asian-Americans Are Still Taking Shape as a Political Forces “Divided by generation, ethnicity and class, but currently galvanized by a surge of racially motivated attacks, Asian-Americans are growing rapidly as political players.” “For years, Asian-Americans were among the least likely of any racial or ethnic group to vote or to join community or advocacy groups. Today they are surging into public life, running for office in record numbers, and turning out to vote unlike ever before. They are now the fastest-growing group in the American electorate.”

Migratory Notes from – “…an informed weekly guide to rapidly changing immigration news…:”

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