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Racial Equity Initiative Team

Racial Equity Initiative: 2022 Goals


As a Matthew 25 congregation we commit to recognizing and dismantling racism and unconscious bias in our own hearts and minds, in the institution of the church, and in the broader culture. We will provide a space to process what we are seeing and learning and to discern our call as a community of faith to take action toward these goals. Our shared set of values and mission calls us to “transform lives for Christ:” that now calls us to transform our own lives to be less complicit in racist aspects of our culture, to transform the lives of those who have historically faced oppression by helping eradicate systemic racism disproportionately affecting them, and to be the hands and feet of Christ by opposing institutions and practices everywhere that deny the full humanity of all God’s children.


To be a faith community committed to anti-racist principles and practices, actively engaged in dismantling and repairing the harm caused by white supremacy and racial inequities.

2022 Goals

1. Improve and increase communications and publicity about REI and community events

2. Continue to learn and educate the community about the history of systemic racism and the skills to dismantle its effects in our church and society, and within ourselves.

3. Form strong alliances with the SF Black & Jewish Unity Coalition and the Presbytery of SF West Bay Area Antiracism Group 


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