Leaving the Garden: September 10 at 10am

September 10 2023, 10am
We read scripture to know the stories of our faith and to see our own lives reflected in God's story. When we don’t know our stories, we don’t know who we are. We experience things in life and then assign meaning to those events by telling stories. The stories we hear and the stories we tell define and shape our world. Sometimes we tell that story better than other times. We begin this new program year at the beginning, in the Garden. Bring your bibles and let's journey through our story together. Spoiler Alert: While the sermon will not presume you have seen the Barbie movie that came out this summer, there will be references in the sermon to the movie. It will be available on streaming services Sept 5, so if you don’t want the plot spoiled, you can watch it from home before we gather on the 10th. Again, no knowledge of the movie is necessary. And maybe after two months, the plot is in the atmosphere already. But we thought you’d like fair warning.