Palm Sunday: April 2 at 10am

April 2 2023, 10am
Triumph and Turmoil: Holy Week is full of tensions. The crowd that calls out for salvation is the same crowd that calls for crucifixion. The King to whom we sing all glory, laud, and honor is not the emperor in Rome, but rather a carpenter from a backwater town in Galilee. The celebration that starts the week—Hosanna! Hosanna!—will move to betrayal, arrest, and a mock trial. The city is in turmoil, with some people shouting “hosanna!” and others asking “who is this?” And we, as the church in a world full of turmoil, are called to the midst of it all. There are still people asking “who is this?”, and they need to hear your answer to that question. There are still people calling out “Hosanna! Save me!” How can we, as the Body of Christ, respond to those cries for help?