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The Holy Weedwhacker: October 1 at 10am

Even the Stones Cry Out: Palm Sunday, April 10, 10 AM

April 10 2022, 10am
Did you know that “hosanna” originally meant “help us”? As Jesus comes riding on a donkey amidst cries of hosanna, he defies the Roman Empire and destabilizes stale religious conventions. This year at Calvary, Palm Sunday is also Deacon Sunday, when we celebrate how the Body of Christ is still helping the people. The Deacons of Calvary offer ministries of compassion. The Deacons invite you to learn about their three-pillared ministry: 1) Faith (spirituality/prayer), 2) Action (social justice/serving) and 3) Community (connections/fellowship). The Deacons invite you to engage with Calvary, accept their nurture and to participate wholeheartedly in the Body of Christ. Rev. Victor will be preaching, and the Deacons will be leading worship.