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The primary source of funding for the church is annual giving from members and friends.With support of the Calvary community, the church is able to make a difference in the world through faith, fellowship and mission.

Seven Reasons to Support Calvary

1.     Calvary’s role in your life is beyond membership in an organization.

The church is part of the most significant moments of your life: baptism, memorial services, mission trips, weddings, worship services, mission programs, Sunday school and small group study.   Your contribution should align with Calvary’s significance in your life.

2.     Individual donations, including pledges, represent almost one half of Calvary’s annual budget.

The ability to expand our programs and service to the community is constrained by our regular funding from individuals – a critical source of funds and Calvary’s only flexible source of funding.  Your contribution makes a difference.

3.     The Calvary Foundation covers less than a third of Calvary’s annual budget.

Calvary’s endowment is not small ($19 million as of June 30, 2015) but must be measured against Calvary’s mission. Calvary must fund more than two-thirds of its operating expenses from other sources. The amount of endowment spent each year (about 4%) is carefully calibrated to enable these funds to support Calvary in perpetuity.

4.     The Calvary community is comprised of a broad spectrum of people of all ages and backgrounds.

Calvary pastoral staff and volunteers are typically providing pastoral care to over 100 members of the internal community – the size of the average US congregation.  Our ability to manage and provide care across a broad group requires both pastoral and administrative staffing as well as systems to help support them.

5.     Calvary’s impact reaches far beyond the church’s doors and into the community.

Calvary contributes both funds and countless volunteer hours toward both our poverty task force partners and long-standing community partners to serve and connect with our external community and grow in our faith. Calvary hosts and provides support to numerous music-based organizations throughout San Francisco.

6.     Calvary is a welcoming community of faith that provides worship, ministry, fellowship, education and music.

All are welcome and encouraged to participate.  Calvary needs all who can contribute to give generously to allow this inclusive community to flourish.

7.     Every gift makes a difference!

Most gifts made to Calvary are under $1,000.  But together they add up to over $1 million to support our mission.

If you are actively involved at Calvary Presbyterian Church and would like to receive the full 30 page, 2016 Annual Report, please contact info@calpres.org or call 415-346-3832 and a copy will sent to you.