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Your gift to Calvary can be tailored to meet your giving objectives.  Currently, we offer three Ways to Give to Calvary.

Annual Giving through our annual campaign with a pledge given in November or December for the following year.  Annual giving is intended to fund the operations and programs of Calvary.

Special Contributions can be given at any time toward a specific area of interest or project (i.e., music,  senior ministry, historic preservation, disaster response, etc.), operations and programs or capital improvements.  To give now, please click here.  If you have questions re:  making a special contribution, please contact David Foster, CAO, at davidfoster@calpres.org or Dorothy Pett, Bookkeeper, at dorothypett@calpres.org.

A Bequest can be given from your estate to either Calvary Church Reserves or Calvary Foundation.

  • If a bequest is designated to the church, the funds are deposited into Calvary’s savings and will be used when needed to fund capital improvement projects, operations or annual programs as deemed necessary by the Pastor and approved by Session.  A bequest to the church can be restricted to a specific area or project similar to Special Contributions.
  • If a bequest is designated to the Calvary Foundation, then funds are invested as an endowment with approximately 4% used annually for operations and programs.   This provides ongoing income to help fund Calvary operations and programs.  For more information on the Calvary Foundation, please click here to go to the Calvary Foundation page.
  • If a bequest is unclear about its intentions, then the funds will be deposited into Calvary’s savings and managed as described above.