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The Giving Team invites you to share your story for use in the 2023 Annual Giving Campaign: Created to Care.

Storytelling is all around us, especially in the Bible. Chapter 2, in the book of Ephesians reads,

“For we are what God has made us, created in Christ for good works….”

Simply put, we are created to care for each other, our community and the world. Do you have a story to share about:
  • How God is at work in your life?
  • A time you were nurtured, inspired and cared for by your Calvary family?
  • A time when you saw Calvary care for the community and our world?
Beyond being a sustaining and rewarding experience for you, your story can also help others by showing them that they are not alone and by giving them courage and inspiration to reach out and connect with others.

A Growing Family

Our family makes Calvary the largest recipient of our giving because this community nurtures our faith and challenges us to love God not just through our words but through our actions. Our three kids are being raised in faith through Calvary, and we are so grateful for that. With the birth of our second and third child here in San Francisco, we were awash with meals and deep care from this community. And they continue to learn and grow in childcare and Sunday Studio.

– Submitted by Rev. Joann Lee

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