Senior Adult Resources

San Francisco is a great place to age in place, if you stay informed! While Calvary might not endorse all of the information linked below, we offer it as an on-ramp for seniors and their families to learn about care, food and housing options. 
Affordable Housing •
Hospice By the Bay
Institute on Aging •
Kimochi Senior Center •
Lighthouse for the Blind & Visually Impaired •
Maitri (Hospice, HIV, Gender-Affirming Respite Care) •
Meals on Wheels •
Mutville Senior Dog Rescue •
Self-Help for the Elderly •


California Assisted Living Information •

SF Assisted Living •


From Calvary’s Pastoral Care Services

Spiritual Emergencies: 415-346-3832 ext. 38

Prayer Line: 415-346-3832 ext. 600346-3832 ext. 3