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Calvary Foundation

About the Calvary Foundation

Calvary’s Foundation has been organized to respect the desire of donors to have their contributions last over a long period of time; therefore, annual withdrawals are currently limited to a portion of the Foundation’s assets.  The Calvary Foundation has been in existence since 2000, supporting the church and supplementing annual pledging.

The Foundation is a long term, regular contributor to Calvary’s annual programs by giving a consistent 4% contribution of its assets. This policy represents the standard for safe management of income producing assets.

Let's Talk
    Please contact us with questions about how the Calvary Foundation stewards gifts and bequests or to discuss how to make a legacy gift that fits your circumstances. We look forward to hearing from you!

What the Foundation Supports

In 2020, the Calvary Foundation contributed $788,000 to the ministry and mission of Calvary Presbyterian Church. The Foundation supports the Church’s annual operations, underpins a significant portion of benevolence giving to Mission partners, and also makes other capital investments. The Foundation’s assets totaled approximately $23.2 million at the end of December 2020.

Making a Gift to the Foundation

A planned legacy gift to the Calvary Foundation offers you the opportunity to make an enduring statement of faith through a charitable gift, which will build on and extend our church’s ministry for generations to come. Our congregation is an inclusive community of faith, committed to excellence in worship, music, education, and outreach. A legacy gift is one way to assure that this commitment remains strong into the future, ensuring the long-term security, viability, and vitality of Calvary Presbyterian Church. Such an act of stewardship is one way you can create the kind of legacy you would like to leave at Calvary.

You can support the future of our Church by including the Church in your estate plans through a bequest.  For more information on how to make your legacy gift a reality, please complete the Information Request form or contact any of the Calvary Foundation trustees.

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