Children, Youth and Family Ministries

Calvary’s Family Ministry Team looks forward to connecting with you!

Parents and guardians are a child’s first teachers, so we want to support adults by providing educational experiences to reinforce what is being learned at home.

During Sunday Studio and Sunday Youth we hope to learn more about God’s love by offering weekly age-appropriate lectionary lessons and corresponding activities that connect with themes parents and guardians hear in worship.

Our Mission

  1. Equip children with the knowledge that they are loved by God and this community through fellowship.
  2. Encourage children and families to grow in their relationship with God by providing times for education, prayer, and play.
  3. Give children, youth, and families opportunities to serve and give generously.
Let's Talk
We can help you find community, an appropriate bible for your child, support with a meal after welcoming a new child into your family, ways to participate in worship, or a story to explain the concept of sharing.

Phone: 415-346-3832

Meet our Director

Alison Faison is the Director of Children and Family Ministries. She offers spaces for children to notice God’s presence, question, play, sing, and fellowship.

Upcoming Children, Youth, and Family Ministry Events


Join us in the Lower Level after the Children’s Meditation for Sunday Studio to connect with each other through songs, lectionary bible stories, crafts, and games. 

We also offer childcare for infants to 3-year olds every Sunday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM.



10 to 18 years: Youth are invited to sit together in the balcony and stay in worship through the sermon. Then they gather by age groups to discuss what they heard and experienced in the worship service.

Confirmation Class

Geared toward middle and high-schoolers who want to know more about what it means to be a person of faith, participants will learn what we believe in as a church and form a better understanding of what they believe in as individuals. Classes start in September and end in April.


Join in on our opportunities for our children, youth, and families to get to know each other.

  • Family Coffee
  • Family Night Out
  • Rooftop Playground Picnic
  • Weekly Children’s Choir and Youth Ensemble
  • Wednesday Playgroup
  • All-church Retreat at Mt. Hermon
  • Monthly Events


Our families respond to neighbors within and outside of the walls of Calvary to share God’s love and take steps to break cycles of poverty. We put our faith into action through advocacy and service.

  • Meal delivery to families with newborns
  • Help with weekly Wednesday Playgroup
  • Participate in Pack-a-Sack
  • Serve at the InterFaith Food pantry at Old First Presbyterian Church
  • Make meals at the men’s winter shelter at the Unitarian Universalist Center in San Francisco
  • Chaperone the Annual Youth Mission Trip
  • Work with Calvary partners: Boys & Girls Clubs San Francisco, New Door Ventures, Raphael House, and San Francisco Achievers.

Latest from the Director's Blog

I Hope You Dance

I invite you to find a physical practice that helps you feel some sense of liberation or freedom. Jesus calls us to be free from things that hold us back from connecting directly with God who is always there. Dancing helps us celebrate, release, prepare us for rest and let go, so that we can connect more fully with the divine. We can engage our freedom to advocate for safety and autonomy of others. Breath, prayer, connection with others, and movement requires our physical presence and gives us life abundantly. Dance on!

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Young People and Earth Care

Children innately know earth care by their play. They climb trees, sift sand, mix mud pies, and run in the grass with butterflies. They want to savor what the earth gives them. What can we do each day to observe and appreciate nature? Adults, youth, and children now have to make appointments in nature or they will spend most of their time in a car or indoors. What can we learn from our time at home that will translate into earth care action? We can create mini gardens in spaces we might have, we can regrow cuttings from our veggies, we can compost, and join groups that are doing the larger conservation and advocacy work.

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Making Room for Lent and Easter

Walking with children through the dramatic stories of Holy Week can be exhausting, but also connective. The book, “Make Room: A Child’s Guide to Lent and Easter” written by Laura Alary and illustrated by Ann Boyajian, walks adults and young children through the first Sunday of Lent all the way through the tough events of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and ends in the glory of the Easter story.

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Don’t Wait! Pray the psalms. Do a yoga pose. Eat raspberries. 

Most grandparents want a grandchild to open their gift right away, so that they can see the child’s expression, reaction, and connection to the gift. Some of us, as adult children, have a parent’s or grandparent’s voice in our head that encourages restraint, “Don’t use it. Save it for a rainy day. Keep it nice and it will last longer.”

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