Privacy Policy

David Foster, Chief Administrative Officer


To all members and friends of Calvary:

Calvary Presbyterian Church respects your privacy and personal preferences and collects and uses only that information we believe is relevant to your involvement at the church. We believe you should be in control of your information, and we will provide ways for you to manage how and for what it is used. Member data is not shared with third party, non-church affiliated organizations.

Whether you are a member or nonmember, if you participate in Calvary sponsored activities, Calvary Presbyterian Church may collect your contact details, interests, personal information, or photos of you and possibly your family. Contact information may be used to send you future church-wide communications or, based on your interests and personal information, shared with special interest Calvary groups to contact you about events that match your stated interests. Your involvement and/or photos of you participating in church functions may be printed in church publications, including the newsletter, website, or social media.

Based on the personal nature of the information and how it is being used, there are three levels of permission as to how we use your personal information: Assumed permission, advance notification, and advance permission. Some examples are:

  • Assumed permission: We use information and provide clear ways to opt out for future use
    • Weekly email list
    • Newsletter mailing list
    • Ad hoc communication by mail
    • Deacon contact using basic personal info
    • Use of adult photos in church media
    • Unintentional use from group or crowd images
  • Advance notification (can opt out): We notify you when we will use information and specify a date by which you must opt out
    • Names of those pledging/donating (not financial amounts)
    • Membership directory
  • Advance permission (must opt in): We notify you that we would like to use information and you must opt in for us to use it
    • Intended use of photos of children under 18 years old
    • Use of pledging or donating financial amounts

The church has a member database called Arena that holds various pieces of data about members (active and inactive) and non-members. For some individuals the data is limited to your name, address, home phone number, and maybe an email. For others the data is expanded, but never includes credit card or banking data for anyone. None of this data was collected under any explicit terms of agreement with you and may have been collected at different times, such as when someone joined the church or attended a one-time event. The church takes precautions, including administrative, technical, and physical measures, to safeguard your personal information. The database is password protected and the church can evaluate changes to access as needed.

Access to Arena data is restricted. Most staff members and some volunteer leadership members have access to certain pieces of member data. Certain data related to financial contributions is severely restricted. 

New members will be given the current Privacy Policy as part of their induction process. If and when the policy changes, we will post a dated notice on the homepage of our website informing you that a change has been made.